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Integrated Natural Medicine

Healthcare Practice

Integrated Natural Medicine

Feeling unwell, rundown, in pain, or need support?

Our aim is for you to achieve your best state of wellbeing by:

  1. Determining your state of Health/Wellbeing/Injury using methods including Iris Analysis, Bio-Electronic Testing, Vega Testing, Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy, RBTI, Chinese Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis, Allergy Testing, Muscle Testing, Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Readings and Palpation.
  2. Treating the whole body and not just the symptoms, by means of Integrating Natural Remedies such as Medicinal Herbal Medicine (Eastern & Western), Homoeopathic remedies, Flower Essences, Vitamins and Minerals. We can regulate the energy flow in the body by means of Acupuncture, Laser (LLLT) and/or Electronic Acupuncture (No Needles), Moxibustion, German Bio-Resonance Therapy, German Induction Therapy, German Color/Sound Therapy and Chironic/Energy Healing. René also uses physical treatments like Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Acupressure and Bowen Therapy if required. We also find it important to take into account proper eating habits, Exercise and Environmental Status including Electromagnetic (EMR) and Electric Radiation (ER).

We are a couple of qualified dedicated Health Care Practitioners

  • Working together in a caring environment to provide the best possible service to you, the client.
  • By working together at Integrated Natural Medicine, we can provide both you and your family with a full appraisal of Current Health Conditions and thereby assist you to achieve and maintain vibrant health
  • Curative Health Care is very important, equally important is preventative health care and/or detecting the early signs of dis-ease. Preventative Health Treatment is often quicker, therefore more economical too. We are capable of working together/referring to each other so that maximum benefit can be gained from your visit to our Health Care Centre.

No referral is required

  • There is something we can do to assist every condition.
  • Most treatments are rebatable by Health Funds,
  • Modern facilities with the latest equipment.
  • Private car parking available.


Hicaps is available for processing your Health Claim on the spot for most Health Funds.
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