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Blood Irradiation

This high quality German Made, pain free, non-invasive Laser Blood Irradiation is primarily performed with a ‘Light Needle Sub Lingual Unit’ that generates laser wavelength of 655 NM (by 4) and 405 NM (by 2) for strong absorption by Hemoglobin. This unit is ideal for Systemic Therapy that is suitable for all patients.
Blood chemistry improves soon after the treatment and continue to modulate the physiology and immune system and is particularly beneficial after long illness, surgery and prolonged physical endurance and during a rehabilitation period after neurological injury.
The applicator for the sub-lingual is designed so that the blood vessels can be easily exposed to the laser light without any discomfort to the patient or risk associated with intravenous light therapy treatments.

  • 5 minute treatment with applicator comfortably placed under the tongue 
  • The sublingual-applicator is slipped into a specialised disposable plastic sleeve for each patient
  • Painless

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