Integrated Natural Medicine

Laser Acupuncutre

For children, infants and those who do not like needles, we also have in the clinic a number of different high Quality German Made Laser units with different wavelengths available for different applications ranging from pain to inflammation and from weakness to rehabilitation and Recovery.Also great to use on Anti Aging, Winkles, Wound Healing, Ulcers and to Promote Healing. We also have the German RJ Physiolaser System incl. 12 Cluster unit  (with 655 and 785 NM wavelengths), The Super Pulse Unit (904 NM), Sublingual Unit 655 and 405 NM), and the Single Point probe (810 NM) Unit. All the lasers can be modulated for specific conditions.
Albert Einstein set up the theory of accelerated electrons thereby laying the foundation for the understanding and subsequent development in 1960 by Theodore Maiman of the LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) unit. The benefit of the  Laser light is the coherence (phase equilibrium of the oscillation of the laser photons, meaning a state of ‘higher energy’ which can ultimately be used in the mitochondria for energy generation (ATOP) synthesis) of the laser beam compared to disordered beam of the light photons in a normal light source. We know from 1st principal of Thermodynamics that fundamentally energy is never lost or destroyed, but is always transferred. That is exactly the effect  we are striving for in Laser Acupuncture, the coherent laser light in the energy jump of the laser photon to a normal light photon (from a higher to a lower energy state according to Quantum Theory) transferring its special energy in the Mitochondria to a photon receptor. From there, the energy is used for the ATP assembly in the respiratory chain, so energy from the outside has actually arrived in the cell and can be used by it. (Dr. Frank R. Bahr Laser Acupuncture and Innovative Laser Medicine Book 2018)

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