Integrated Natural Medicine


HOMOEOPATHY is a Naturopathic medicine that uses specially prepared diluted remedies. These remedies can contain single constituent substances or a highly complex mixture of ingredients. These medicines/remedies are believed to heal certain symptoms in a sick person and can also induce the same symptoms in a healthy person. In Homoeopathy this is known as the “Law of Similars – what a substance can cause it can cure”

Homoeopathy was discovered in Germany by a German Medical Doctor and is designed to help the body to heal itself.  Symptoms of ill health are caused by disharmony within the person, and it is the person that needs the treatment rather than the disease or illness itself.  The medicines used in homoeopathy are comprised of plant, mineral, and sometimes animal extracts and are prescribed according to the specific symptoms shown by an individual, as well as the emotions that they show and their general physical condition.

We mainly use in the clinic complex German made combination remedies.

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