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Alternative Medicine also known as Natural Medicines involve a wide range of Natural Therapies that work on both the physical and emotional body in order to relieve pain, improve health, and also improve emotional conditions such as stress or anxiety.

The Benefits of Alternative Medicine or Natural Medicine

There are many benefits to be had from undergoing one of these forms of natural therapies.  Many of these therapies, such as Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, use natural plants and essences taken from the earth in order to heal any problems or disharmonies within the body.  These are safe remedies that are mixed to the precise specification of the individual, and have little to no side effects.
Flower essences are fantastic for helping to heal any emotional disharmonies that are currently occurring within the body.  These essences, which can actually be self-prescribed, can help with emotions ranging from anger to fear.  By neutralising or ridding ourselves of these emotions, we can actually be helping to avoid becoming ill in the future.
Many of these therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, treat the whole body, and are systems that have been in use for thousands of years.  The fact that these treatment systems have persisted for so long is proof that they are safe, and that they work. 
Therapies such as Nutrition, weight loss, and allergy testing/treatments are aimed at providing the body with the energy that it needs to operate at its peak, and removing any obstacles that may stop this from occurring.  A healthy body needs the right fuel, and to be free of any toxins in order for it to be as healthy as possible.
Diagnostic tools such as Iridology, Live Blood Screening and Bio Resonance Testing play a role in optimum health as their goal is to identify illnesses before they start to have a negative impact on the body.  Being able to identify these potential illnesses early is vital and of great benefit as it helps to stop disease from damaging the body.
There is a strong preventative aspect in the majority of the natural therapies outlined below and this helps to prove the saying that prevention is better than cure.  It is better to keep the body strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, so that toxins, disease or other physical conditions cannot take hold and create a negative impact on any aspect of the body.

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